Having sex in your underwear

Having sex in your Underwear

Having sex in your Underwear

Having sex in you underwear is a very very sexy way to add some serious sexiness to your sex life. Underwear is a huge turn on and it normally doesn’t matter if it is something “sexy” or just “everyday”. Woman’s underwear is so sexy it is some times a sin to take it off.

Sex by Candle Light

Sex by Candle Light

Sex by Candle Light


Having sex by candle light is one of the most effective and simplest ways of getting romance back in to your relationship. All you need is Candles!

Place the the candles randomly around your bedroom or any place you want and switch off the lights. Candle light is much less hard than normal day light or electric lights.The flickering shadows thrown by the flames add a sexy aura to the room. It a well known fact that all woman looks much more beautiful by candle light.







20 Questions to Ask on a First Date


First Date


Meeting someone on an online dating site is exciting and feels safe in the comfort of your own home.

But the final goal of an online dating relationship is finally meeting that special person you have had a virtual relationship with.

But what do you chat about? After all, you want to get to know the other person, to find common ground and establish if the connection is worth the effort! And hopefully there is that magic chemistry…

Meeting in person for the first time can be a nerve-wracking, anxiety-filled experience with a lot of awkward silences, but here are some tips to make it a memorable date, even if it leads nowhere – remember “practice makes perfect”.

  • Keep the conversation light and humorous in a relaxed environment. Avoid loud, over-stimulated spaces and think of some questions to fill awkward silences.
  • Listen as much as you talk. Avoid blabbering and giving away too much information on the first date.
  • Getting to know someone is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time. Make it a slow and safe process and avoid asking too personal, deep questions at a first date. This will most likely scare your date off.

With the above thoughts in mind, here are some questions to ask on a first date:

  1. Where is your favourite place in the entire world?
  2. Who has been your biggest life influence?
  3. What were you like as a kid and what is your family like?
  4. What kind of things make you really laugh?
  5. Do you have any life goals? Have you achieved any yet?
  6. How do you spend your time if you have nothing else to do?
  7. What is the nicest thing someone else has done for you?
  8. Do you have a nickname, and if so, what is the story behind that name?
  9. What is something you are really bad at?
  10. What is something you are really good at and proud of?
  11. What is the last book you read?
  12. What is your favourite movie of all time?
  13. What is something you are dying to try?
  14. Have you figured out what your calling in life is? What is it?
  15. What do you hate the most of the dating process?

So now you are ready to go out on that first date!

Having Sex with a woman wearing High Heels

This is most probably one of the most common fantasies for men to have sex with a woman wearing high heels.

Why do men want to have sex with woman wearing high heels?

Woman wearing high heels

Woman wearing high heels

  • High heels are synonymous with sex.
  • Some woman look’s extremely sexy when they wear high heels.
  • Men are turned on by woman wearing high heels.
  • High heels can make a woman looks a bit slutty.
  • Woman wearing high heels look taller.
  • Woman wearing high heels legs look longer and more toned.
  • High heels enhance a woman’s posture and figure.
  • High heels change the way a woman walks it thrust her hips and breasts forward.
  • High heels make’s her feet look smaller.
  • High heels give’s her confidence.

This is quite an easy thing to get of you sex bucket list. Just ask her to put on some high heels and ty it out. If the woman in our life are not a big high heeler just buy her a pair and give it to her as a present and explain why you want to have sex with her in high heels.